The Cast of Characters

HUBBY – My husband (I know you are wowed by my creativity in naming him that!). Hubby is a loud, outgoing, fun-loving sports fanatic who is especially passionate about THE Ohio State University! I have never met a man that lights up a room quite like he does. He is always good for a laugh (unless you are his wife who has heard each joke a bagillion times!). As a parent, he is the rambunctious one-chasing the kiddos, playing hide-and-seek, flipping them around, etc. He will step in as discipline when necessary, much to my pleasant surprise. I always figured he’d be the fun parent and I’d be the disciplinarian.

CHICKEN* – That’s me! I have no clue why hubby started calling me this, but it started when we were dating and has stuck ever since! I am the quieter, introverted one, which compared to hubby, is not saying much! Growing up as a tomboy, I am also quite the sports fanatic and fortunately, for the well-being of our marriage, I very much also love anything Buckeye related! As a parent, I am the more serious one, but also the one the kids turn to for cuddles.

TURKEY*-MAN – Our 8year old son! (Did I really just type 8! Where does the time go?!) He is 100% crazy-energetic boy, in a constant state of motion! He loves to learn and has a teddy bear heart, which I treasure. With his high energy he is impulsive which leads to trouble from time to time. He is into anything sports related and loves to read, draw, and write. My favorite part of raising him is watching his mind expand as he learns about the world.

LITTLE-FLOWER – Our 5 year old daughter! She is our determined and dramatic child. We often joke that she is out to conquer the world and no one will stand in her way! Fortunately, she is a loving as she is intense. She loves to sing and play dress up, often pulling me into her imaginary world. She is also into gymnastics. My favorite part of raising her is watching her imagination spin.

MAMA-A – Turkey-Man’s birthmother

MAMA-D – Little-Flower’s birthmother

*Apparently, hubby has a thing about poultry given he handed out the nicknames “Chicken” and “Turkey”!

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