The Gift We Could Not Give Each Other

For Monday’s Many Thanksgivings, I have to share the lyrics to a song I discovered – “The Gift We Could Not Give Each Other” by Michael McLean. In reading the words, tears immediately sprung to my eyes. We are so incredibly blessed by the two gifts we have received. If you have struggled with infertility and grown your family through adoption, I dare you not to cry! Here are the lyrics:


When she was a little girl
she held her dolls like children.
Dreaming of the day when she’d
have babies of her own.

Now those dolls lie on a shelf
as lifeless as the dreams she dreamed.
It’s become the deepest ache
her heart has ever known.

There’s a man who’s trying his best
to comfort her with roses.
Telling her he’ll find a way
to make their dreams come true.

He’s been saying this for years,
but now his tears reveal the truth.
In his heart he fears
there’s nothing else that they can do.

Then a gift is given,
a phone call straight from heaven.
There’s a child that’s nearly due
that a young girl’s giving you.

She gave more than just one life
when she makes of this man and wife
a father and a mother.
She gives the gift they could not give each other.

More than we could ever know
this couple thanks the heavens.
Every time they hold their child,
they feel they hold the world.

Words will never be enough
to share the way the family feels.
From deep inside their hearts
they want to tell that girl:

Not a day is ever through
till we’ve thanked the Lord for you.
Your sweetness lingers near
in our hearts and thoughts and prayers.

You gave more than just one life
when you made of this man and wife,
a Father and a Mother.
When you gave the gift we could not give each other.

You have changed our lives forever.
Only you and God above
could give this gift of love
we could not give each other.


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