Thank-you for your support!

I have to pause in the course of the blog right now and issue a big thank-you to you all, my readers!

Usually for Monday’s Many Thanksgivings, I express gratitude for something encouraging along the course of our journey to the family we are today. But, I have been overwhelmed with support over the course of the past week and therefore need to stop and extend a big thank-you!

I started this blog, hoping to help a narrow subset of readers who have travelled this journey through infertility and adoption, for those undergoing infertility treatment or those considering adoption. In an effort to not become an annoyance to my Facebook friends to which those scenarios do not apply, I started a separate Facebook page for this blog, figuring only that way only the people who wanted to read about my journey would be notified of new posts. I have been amazed and humbled by the response!

It has been liberating writing this blog. So very often through this journey, I have felt intensely alone, not knowing anyone else who has been through the things we have. I have felt misunderstood, not in the sense of people imposing their thoughts on our life, but more in that because our situation is unique, no one really seems to know what to say. I have kept a lot of the struggles private, not wanting advice from those who do not understand in the intricacies involved in being an infertile, adoptive family with open adoptions with our children’s biological mothers.

Instead of remaining in a silent, guarded position, I choose to start writing. I often don’t have the answers to the deep questions that surround our journey, but I do hope that in getting our story out there, it will help others understand the issues a little better. And, maybe in reaching out to other infertile, adoptive families it will decrease the sense of aloneness.

I have been humbled by the support I have received in this project. The array of people reading this blog amazes me. At the start, I figured it would be helpful to simply others walking this same road and yet, I have received positive comments from all sorts of readers.

So, thank-you! Thank-you so much for your love and support! I hope this blog continues to be a blessing to your life, as you all have been a blessing to mine!

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