Raising a Considerate Boy

Although this week’s Funny Friday post is not the laugh out loud style, hopefully it makes your heart smile as much as it did mine!

There is a double sided back-story to this picture so bear with me a second while I set up the scene. First it is important for you to know that Turkey-man has been notably more thoughtful over the last couple of months. If he goes to get a stuffed animal for himself, he returns, unprompted, with one for Little-Flower. Instead of coming to tell me when Little-Flower spills something, he asks me for a paper towel so he can clean it up. If he sees Little-Flower struggling with eating with a fork, he sits next to her and puts the food on the fork for her. Watching my normally crazy, active, borderline ADHD son transform into this kind, caring brother has been an absolute delight!

The second side of the story is his sleeping arrangement. We bought him a toddler pillow when we first transitioned him from the crib to a toddler bed. We went ahead and got two at the time because, well, basically anything involving a toddler necessitates having a spare on hand. As he grew into needing a bigger pillow, he kept the toddler pillow in his bed and it became “Monkey’s Pillow” (the small blue monkey-blanket thing on the right-hand side of the picture.) Mickey Mouse has been a recent addition to the sleeping arrangement.

Wednesday I went into his room to wake him up from his nap. Frustrated, the first thing I noticed was his closet door open, light on and the packaging for the spare toddler pillow laying in the middle of his room.

Then, I looked at him and realized what he had done. Monkey had his pillow, but Mickey did not. Being the considerate problem solver that he’s become, he got out the spare pillow, opened the packaging and laid Mickey Mouse on it before curling up for his nap.

Yeah, my frustration instantly melted away and my heart smiled at such a sweet gesture! Just another moment where I know I am privileged to have this little boy in my life!

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