Sorry For My Absence!

I apologize for my lack of writing over the past week! Last Tuesday our internet went down. The first appointment the cable company had was today.
I figured only missing a week would not be a big deal. I love writing my posts so I would never take a voluntary vacation from it, but the forced one has allowed me to get other things done when I normally blogged. (Really important things like reading a book!)
My hopes to be back up and running today were dashed by a misunderstanding with the cable company. Now it looks like next Wednesday before it will get fixed. Ugh!
Hopefully, I can get to a coffee shop sometime this week and schedule some posts to bridge the gap, but with Turkey-man being sick I am not sure if that dream is realistic.
At worst, I will be back next Wednesday! Hopefully sooner! I will see you all then!


  1. That is tough to not have internet, but I almost wish it would happen to me: I keep saying, “No, I will not blog today,” and then I do. Such a bad example! Hope your connection will be up soon but glad that you’re being productive in other ways.

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    • Yeah it’s been bittersweet. I keep telling myself to get a bunch of articles written and then when I get somewhere that has wi-fi I can just schedule them out bit it’s hard to get in the rhythm of it when I am limited on what I can do.

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