Outsmarting Mama!

If there was an award to hand out this week it would either have to read first place for out smarting Mommy (Or last place for Wise Mommy!). I knew the day would come where Turkey-Man’s manipulation would outpace my intuition, but I figured I had a few years yet. Not so!

Monday as I laid Turkey-Man down for his nap he had an unusual request. “Mommy, the Kindle has to go on the couch.” Although the Kindle usually rests on the counter, I nodded my head in agreement just to pacify him and get him to sleep. After I agreed, he specified that it needed to lie on the corner of the couch. I kind of gave him a “Sure, whatever” response and walked out of his room.

When I came downstairs it was already resting where he had specified and I went onto my usual naptime blogging work not thinking another bit about it. A few hours pass and I hear Little-Flower up from her nap. As I go to get her I peak in on him and there he lay sleeping, Kindle in hand.

The little sneak! He knows that electronics are a “No!” during naptime. His request was part of a preconceived master plan! He knew he could slip downstairs, grab the Kindle off the side of the couch, and be back to his room without me ever noticing a thing!

Obviously, I am still a bit naïve in this whole motherhood thing!

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