6-12 Months

With finalization behind us, we were free to begin life as a normal family free from the scrutiny of our social worker. I was finally able to just focus on enjoying motherhood.

The months from 6-12 were a time period of utter amazement. Waiting for six and a half years had given my plenty of time to dream about what it would be like to watch my child sit up or walk for the first time.

Turkey-Man did not disappoint! I watched him in awe as he went from a baby just trying to figure this world out into a little guy who was so engaged in everything around him.

We were so awed by every new thing that we inadvertently led him to believe that clapping was part of the skill.  He would clap for himself when he would repeat a relatively new skill. He also learned that he could make us laugh and began to wait until he had our attention before proceeding to clap. It is amazing to see the little boy we have today who still strives to make us laugh and realize that this started when he was around 8 months old.

Watching his personality develop was amazing. He was (and continues to be) a very social little boy. He loves people and would greet anyone and everyone. Often my introverted nature would get challenged by him as he invited strangers to talk with us.

He also displayed what I thought to be a strong-willed nature early on. He knew things like not being able to touch electrical outlets (Such a mean mommy!) and would shake his head as he crawled towards them, waiting to see if I was watching and then proceed to put his hand on one. As he has gotten older, I have realized that it was all a game to him. He more loved knowing he could get a reaction out of me than he was willfully defying our rules.

Now that he was old enough to engage in the world around him, my favorite part of motherhood kicked in. I love to teach and everything in his world was new to him. We touched trees and leaves. We walked barefoot in the grass and on concrete. We went to the zoo many times, learning what each animal said. I relished in my role of showing him everything that this world is about.

Over the months we witnessed sitting, crawling, standing and walking. I got my first open mouth sloppy baby kiss! We had our first Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. His personality blossomed. Every new thing brought tears to my eyes. I simply could not believe God had planned for this baby boy to be my son. I was (and still am) incredibly grateful!

Looking back it amazes me how many seeds of his nature began to sprout during the 6-12 month timeframe. Doing this Wednesday’s Wild Chronicles series has made me relive so many of these great memories! Thanks for reading along!

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