Are They Human?

Turkey-Man has had his fair share of food peculiarities over the years that have left me wondering. A few weeks ago when he woke up from his nap I offered that he could finish the M&M’s he was eating after lunch. (First, I would like to point out I said he had M&M’s left over… Who does that?!)

His response: “No, I’ll just have some water.” Really?  At no time in my entire life have I turned down chocolate for water instead!

I was relaying the story to my sister and she turned to me and said, “That is not even human!” I would have to agree with her assessment.

Little-Flower joined the club last night. I made homemade macaroni and cheese which is something she normally loves. In the interest of not waking up at two in the morning because she was hungry we had to coax her to eat it.

Why did we have to persuade her to eat it? Because she wanted a THIRD serving of green beans instead. Again, really? I like green beans, but it is certainly no match for creamy, cheesy goodness!

Both instances were foods that they usually eat without a second thought so I know it is not a case of not liking the food. Which only leaves me with the question “Are they human?!”


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