First Birthday!

It is hard to believe in Wednesday’s Wild Chronicles we have already reached Turkey-Man’s first birthday! Documenting our story bit by bit has gone almost as quickly as the first year of his life flew by!

Instead of a boring narrative of a relatively standard first birthday party, I figured I would just present it in pictures.

Birthday Cake Failure Gift Opening Quiet TimeFor the party I also put together a video of his first year. (I would love to post it, but I try to not post pictures of people who I have not asked permission to do so.) I broke it down into segments of pictures of Turkey-Man with Mama-A, ones with Daddy, ones with me and then just general pictures. The video left many in tears over how amazing it is that we have this little boy in our life.

The one things from that day that I will never forget was Mama-A’s reaction to the video. She looked at me and said, “It was not the pictures with me, nor the pictures of him with his daddy that made me cry. It was the pictures of you with him that brought tears to my eyes because it is so evident how deeply you love him.” To see Mama-A emotional over the amount of love I have for our shared son was profound. It was a little glimpse of knowing that she is okay with the decision she made. Seeing her peace is comforting to me.

Celebrating his first birthday brought a lot of reflection over how much our lives had changed in the course of that first year. We had finally become parents! I knew parenthood would be fulfilling, but never could I have imagined the amount of love and joy he has brought to our lives. We are so fortunate to get to call this little boy our son!


  1. Thank you both for the birthday wishes! This post is part of my series “Wednesday’s Wild Chronicles” which is progressive posts detailing our story to how we became the family we look today. We have now been blessed with Turkey-Man as our son for 4 years. (That is so hard to believe!) Thank-you for reading along!

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