A Timely Conversation

This week Wednesday’s Wild Chronicles brings us into the next chapter of our journey. This chapter was by far the most convoluted one. The challenges that we faced were unparalleled to anything we would have ever anticipated. But, it was also a time that forced us to see God’s sovereign control.

The summer after Turkey-Man’s first birthday brought about a rather peaceful period in our lives. I was gaining confidence as a mother. Zeke was beginning to communicate. His personality was really beginning to show which made it much easier to anticipate what he needed. We were sailing in calm seas. Given that we were feeling that we were doing well in the swing of parenthood we began to have more and more conversations about the possibility of a second child.

Through the summer I began having a strong intuition that we were going to have another child, a daughter this time. The feeling was so strong and intrusive that I found myself praying to God for him to take it away if it was not meant to happen. However, if anything, the sensation only gained momentum.

I would say “As luck would have it”, but really God placed us in the right place at the right time for a conversation that would eventually lead us down the path for Little-Flower.

Each summer I spend a week at Northwestern Ohio Christian Youth Camp. I have been going since I was eight and it is by far my favorite place on Earth. Over the years I have formed amazing relationships including the one with hubby. (It is a place that he knows is so important to me that he actually proposed to me there one night under the stars!)

As a young adult I usually worked two weeks at the camp each summer, one with the minister (F) from our church and another with a minister (R) that I had gotten to know over my years there. Logistically, as I got older I had to narrow it down to only one week per year. I had not seen minister R in several years.

Our week had arrived. We made plans for Turkey-Man to come spend some of the week down at camp with us and then a mix of our parents were going to take shifts watching him the second half of the week so we could be free just to enjoy being at camp.

Minister R happened to come by and visit our week of camp. A group of us sat around in a circle revisiting camp stories and updating where life had taken us. Turkey-Man happily played within our circle of chairs. Seeing Turkey-Man there with us he asked about parenthood and adoption. Then he asked if we were interested in adopting again.

My reply: “Absolutely! If you ever hear of a situation, please keep us in mind!” I had no idea at the time, but those few words would go onto leading us to our next chapter in our journey!

Next week I will dive into one of the most polarizing emotional weeks of my life. We got the call about Little-Flower but the twisted circumstances of her potential arrival were almost more than I could handle. Here we were with another possible adoption lead, but it was going to take more grit and faith than I thought I had in me. Stay tuned!

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