I Thought Of You

Dear Infertile Friends,

Many times throughout the day yesterday you were on my mind. As an infertile, adoptive Mama holidays are always a time of mixed emotion for me. I know that there are many day to day dreams that you have for the children you will hopefully have some day. More so, I also know that holidays punctuate the silence that you wake up to each morning.

I thought of you while my children were opening their Easter gifts knowing that you were wondering if you would ever be wrapping presents for children of you own.

I thought of you as I dressed my children in their Easter outfits knowing that you are dreaming of the frilly dresses you want to be putting on a daughter.

I thought of you in church as we reviewed the resurrection. I remember wondering if I would ever have the chance to teach a child of my own about Christ, his sacrifice and his triumph over death.

I thought of you as we celebrated with our extended families recalling all of the Easters I spent questioning if I would ever see our parents reveling in the joy of the grandparent role that they would be in our children’s life.

I thought of you as I worried about the negative ramifications of my children not getting their naps, knowing that you would give anything to experience that problem because it meant that you were a parent.

I wish I could give you assurance that you will see your dreams of parenthood come true. Only God knows how your road will play out. What I can promise you is that no matter how alone you might feel in this struggle there are those of us who understand. Please know that you remain in my prayers.


Another Infertile Mama


  1. Thank you so much for writing this. It is so wonderful to know that we are not forgotten. Holidays are so difficult. I feel blessed that this Easter wasn’t as difficult as it could have been, but I know so many more were not as lucky.


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