A Change In Focus

After a summer hiatus, I am back! (Warm, sunny weather has a real way of deterring my desire to sit inside and write!) Through the summer I have done a lot of thinking about the direction this blog is taking and what I am passionate about writing. I have decided to change the focus somewhat.

I will still be occasionally writing about adoption and infertility when the subject is applicable, but I have found that I enjoy discussing marriage, parenting and Christian subjects just as much as the original main focus. With the focus widening, I have redesigned the look of my blog so that you can click on the category of posts that interest you.

You all arrive at my blog from different stages and interests in life. I know that when I was enduring infertility treatment, I did not want to see anything about parenting. I realize that not everyone is open to my conservative Christian oriented posts. Hopefully, the new layout makes it easier for each of you to find what appeals to you.

If you see something that would make the layout or subjects more reader friendly, please let me know! The blog is written to help others so I am always open to ideas on how to do that best! Thanks!

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