You “Wooked” At That Boy!

Ah, yes. Nothing like a Little-Flower drama to close out the week on a funny note. We were sitting at a table at the YMCA waiting for Turkey-Man’s class to finish when this little exchange occurred.

Little-Flower pointed out a little boy that was coming through the front door.

Me: Yup, I see that little boy

L-F: No, BIG boy!

Me: Okay, BIG boy.

L-F: (Lays her head down on the table)

Me: What is the problem?

L-F: I fwustwated wif you! (In her sternest voice)

Me: ???

L-F: You wooked at that boy! No do that!

I sort of just sat there for a second stunned that my two year old is upset because I was looking at the same boy she was. My TWO year old!

I am not sure the world is ready for this child!

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