Tender Hearts

On Friday’s, I usually post a funny moment from the week. We all need a little laughter to end the week on. However, today, my favorite memory is not one that made me laugh out loud. Instead, it made my heart brim with love and adoration.

It is not that we did not have any funny moments this week. Sunday, Little-Flower reminded me of the very literal mind of a toddler. I was putting her dress shoes on, but she has finally grown a bit and not all of her shoes still fit. After putting her shoes on I asked her to wiggle her toes so I could see where they were at, meaning where they were in comparison to the end of the shoe. She looked at me and said, “Mommy, they are in my tights.” I shook my head and hubby and I laughed. Yup, that is exactly where they were!

That snippet of the week couldn’t compare though to the love I watched Turkey-Man exchange with Little-Flower. I have to set up the story with a little background in order for you to understand how sweet it really was. Little-Flower has been notoriously independent. Many, many, many meltdowns have been because Mommy helped her with something she was struggling with. Often, she even asks for what she wants and then acts like I am the worst mommy in the world for fulfilling her request. It makes me crazy!

We’d had a large lunch so we were just doing our usual lunch food for dinner instead. It was informal with the kids at the table while hubby and I were up taking care of chores. Hubby quietly gets my attention and nods his head toward the table.

I look over to see Turkey-Man feeding Little-Flower her yogurt. (And, she was willingly letting him help!) Apparently, Little-Flower was having a hard time getting the last bites out of the container. She had dropped a spoonful on the table in her attempts. Turkey-Man, without any prompting, told her it was okay and began feeding her the rest so she didn’t have to struggle with it any further. Watching the two of them melted both hubby and I’s hearts.

Turkey-Man has one of the kindest hearts I have ever seen in a little boy. He has this crazy, hyper, incessant movement aura about him so to see him doing calm, sweet acts of kindness really sticks out. At times he has shown me how to be a better person just by his example.

Having two kids often makes our life that much more chaotic. There is constant action and noise. I break up many fights. But, then I get to see these little exchanges and it reminds me just how blessed we are.

I am so grateful that this week instead of something funny being the moment that sticks out in my mind, it is something so tender. I am so lucky to have these two little hearts to call my children!

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