Fashion Police

Have I ever mentioned how much trouble we are in as Little-Flower gets older? Between her feisty personality and her premature interest in boys, we have been gaining gray hairs at record pace. This week she added a new twist, because I think she thinks torturing her parents is fun.

Unbeknownst to me, I became a fashion project over the weekend. My usual style combines my love for being a tomboy and the fact that I am a stay-at-home-mom, a profession that dictates function over fashion. My mom, sister and sister-in-law, “K”, talked me into a shopping trip under the guise that I needed to get some black boots to match some Christmas gifts I would be receiving. I was fine with that idea, agreeing that some boots might look cute, so I agreed.

We went through about three clothing stores first, which I thought I was just accompanying them as they browsed. In the third store, “K” looked at me and told me to start looking at clothes and buy something. That’s when I realized that we were not necessarily at these clothing stores for them.

Now, I should clarify at this point that “K” is one of those sickening girls that could put on a burlap sack and make it look fashionable. I am completely clueless as to how she just knows how to put an outfit together. I feel great about myself if I graduate into a pair of jeans instead of yoga pants. She looks ready to go out even in her pajamas.

The rules of the shopping trip were simple. I could not buy anything I would usually buy and it had to be approved by my panel of judges. At one point, I found a cute sweater and decided to buy two different colors which got shot down because apparently, there is a variety of sweaters I should buy. (Funny how yoga pants and t-shirt don’t have these rules!)

At this point, I know you are probably wondering what this has to do with Little-Flower. Well, I got home and decided to try the new outfits on (because trying anything on in a store requires wayyyyy too much effort!). Little-Flower was in our room, judging my outfits. All things pink and sparkling is her usual clothing requests so I was not getting rave reviews.

However, with one outfit she looked at me and said, “Mommy, you look like Aunt K!” Little-Flower was sick over the weekend so she did not get to see Aunt K when they were in town. Little-Flower hasn’t seen Aunt K in about three months. Even so, she has already paid enough attention to fashion to know the typical clothes Aunt K wears.

She. Is. Two.

What two year old pays enough attention to the type of clothing a relative wears?! One that they haven’t seen in three months?! Seriously!

I promise you that God was up in heaven cracking up laughing at this twist of fate He has given me as a daughter! Really, a tomboy Mama and a fashion police of a daughter? What a dynamic duo this will be as she gets older!

Is it wrong to pray for God’s help to know what type of clothing I should wear so I am not a complete embarrassment to her as she gets older? That is about the level of help I am going to need!

Maybe I’ll take her on my next shopping trip to get her expert judgement… might seem strange hearing it from someone still sitting in a stroller drinking out of a sippy cup!


  1. Keep smiling, mom. It’ll work out. My now-24-year-old daughter was (and is) the fashion plate, while I’m happy in a sweater and jeans. Just make sure Little Flower knows that she’s picking up the tab for anything beyond basic clothing once she’s past a certain age. That plus a lot of love and patience and laughter worked for us. God bless you both!


    • Yes, Little-Flower is my evidence that God has a sense of humor! As long as her clothing covers her body, I am sure we will figure it out! I just keep laughing at all the girlishness that she exudes, while I am so perfectly happy as a tomboy!


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