Perfect Timing

Typically, I save the funny posts for Fridays when I try to capture the moment the week. This was too funny not to share today though!

I sent Turkey-Man to change his clothes this afternoon and he emerged wearing blue shorts with an Ohio State shirt. I told him to go back and change. The conversation went something like this:

M: Go change your shorts. You cannot wear blue shorts with that shirt

TM: Or the police will arrest me?

M: They might!

TM: Why?

M: Our enemy is *ichigan and the people who like them wear blue.

TM: Are you going to call the police?

M: No, I don’t really want to see you go to jail

Cue police cruiser out on patrol goes driving by the house. (I could not have timed it better had I tried!)

I look up in time to see Turkey-Man’s face fall as he went scurrying out of our room with his shorts around his knees.

And… he returned with red shorts.

After I got done laughing, I did reiterate that I was just teasing, but he stood on top of my bed in his red shorts looking out the window for good measure in case the police came by again while giving me a silly look to confirm that he knew it was a joke.

I know I am cruel, but sometimes I can’t help myself!



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