Dear Thief -You’re Aware

Dear thief, you are not welcome. Please leave.

You have taken far more than I can believe.

Insatiable, you roam through my life without care.

Taking without thought, you are unaware.


When will it be enough? I must ask.

For, I thought long ago you completed your task.

I thought you’d be happy when no life I could bare.

But, yet you keep taking. You must be unaware.


I hoped adopting would prompt you to go.

The love and the joy would replace the sorrow.

From my hopes and my dreams, you no longer could tear.

But, yet you kept taking. You look unaware.


Those I love in my life, they deserve unbridled delight

As I learn of their news, with their glow shining bright.

In place of this joy, I am filled with despair.

You’re happy to keep taking. Are you aware?


The phone call rolls in. I should be brimming with joy

When my friend gives birth to a beautiful boy.

I want to celebrate as my fingers slip through his hair.

Another moment you’ve taken, seemingly unaware.


You are not welcome in my life. Never have, never will.

My thief, will you ever be content and fulfilled?

Places in my life, I thought you never would dare.

You just keep on taking. How can you be unaware?


Forever, I seem to be caught in your grips.

Never able to free, never able to strip.

I turn to each side, wrestle here, wrestle there.

But, yet you keep taking. You appear unaware.


Only when my life is no longer my own

Will to the door, you’ll finally be shown.

Until I can see this, you’ll continue, unfair,

Taking and taking. You must be aware.


You cannot take something that never was mine.

I think I can see now. It is finally time.

My life is God’s will. His story to share.

I’m starting to see you’re actually aware.


You know exactly how much you have taken.

You purposely stole, there is no mistaking.

Holding me hostage, you have only one care.

Separate me from God. You are fully aware.


I see who you are, the one you work for.

You’re doing his biddings, completing his chores.

You wander this earth, with your demonly stare.

Happily taking- looking innocent, unaware.


Having slipped from your grasp, I am finally free.

To experience this life, how God meant it to be.

My story is my own. I don’t have to compare.

It’s beautiful and amazing. I am truly aware.


My friend’s life is God’s too. He is busily at work.

He has a plan for our story, free of thief murk.

We both have a purpose with heavenly care.

Majestic, unfolding as only God is aware.

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