Just Yesterday…

Just yesterday, we found out you were ready for the world.

Just yesterday, I laid eyes on you for the very first time.

Just yesterday, they placed your body in my arms, so tiny I was almost unsure of how to hold you.

Just yesterday, we announced to the world, “We have a son!”

Just yesterday, I sat in awe that one tiny person can anchor my whole life in place.


Just yesterday, I saw you roll over, sit, crawl, walk, run, and jump.

Just yesterday, I taught you how to throw and kick those balls you loved so much.

Just yesterday, I watched as you began to realize all that your little body was capable of.


Just yesterday, I heard you count to ten, then twenty, then one hundred.

Just yesterday, I heard you sing your ABC’s and then watched as you began to recognize them one by one, learning the sound each made.

Just yesterday, I read you your first book and then watched as you learned to read those books back to me.

Just yesterday, I watched as your mind absorbed all that the world has to offer.


Just yesterday, I watched as you played with your first toy; then alongside another child; then with another child, learning the wonders of friendship.

Just yesterday, I placed a baby sister in your arms; watched as you would lay alongside her and read her your books and then you were playmates- an unconquerable team.

Just yesterday, I watched your relationship bloom with her into a close sibling bond, learning the beauty in family.



Just yesterday, I prayed over your tiny body for the first time and then suddenly one day, I was hearing you pray your first prayer.

Just yesterday, I read the bible to you for the first time, and then, as your grew, I listened as you retold me a bible story so familiar, but, yet, suddenly more special because I was hearing it in your little voice.

Just yesterday, I realized I was watching an amazing phenomena as the spiritual side of you began to develop.


And, then suddenly came today.


Today, I laid out the clothes you requested, right down to the exact underwear you wanted for today. Superman, of course.

Today, I packed you your lunch for the very first time, hoping you’d remember to save the fruit snacks for dessert, but pretty sure they would be the first thing gone.

Today, we snapped pictures of you with your Batman backpack, awkwardly too big, but carefully picked out. We had to stick with the superhero theme you love so much.


Today, I gave you one last hug outside of the school. I kissed your kissing hand, so my love would be freshly there anytime you needed it.

Today, I walked you into school for your very first day.

Today, I, then, summoned the strength to walk out of your classroom, leaving you there behind.


Today, I prayed a different prayer.

Today, I prayed for God to be with you in my absence.

Today, I prayed that God protect your precious heart in an environment I can’t control.

Today, I prayed that all that you have learned in all of these moments that seem to have happened just yesterday, prepared you enough to face these years ahead.


I love you more than you can possibly imagine.


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