Adorned With Deeds

Last weekend, I had the fortune to attend a game in God’s country, a.k.a. THE Ohio State University. We headed down early for the game, wanting to walk around campus and see the sights. As always, the campus was beautiful, especially with the trees changing colors. We saw hubby’s old dorm, the library and of course the iconic stadium.

Unfortunately, we ended up getting a few extra, unwanted, sights along the way.  We saw one girl after another wearing clothing that covered less than some of my swimsuits. A couple of times, in shock, I asked hubby “How are we going to prevent Little Flower from wearing things like this?”

I was amazed that girls would be so willing to show that much of themselves. I am not exactly into being clothed from head to toe, but when your pockets are longer than your shorts, we have a problem. Being the mother of a daughter, it was very concerning.

Little Flower gives us much concern that she is going to not heed our warnings well. In, fact, I am pretty sure that my best bet is to encourage her to dress immodestly so that when she predictably rebels, she will be wearing proper attire.

Thankfully, God already has this covered. Apparently, the desire to adorn yourself I Timothy 29-10improperly is as ancient as Bible times.

Paul writes to Timothy to encourage the women to clothe themselves with their deeds, not showy clothing and jewelry. A woman’s beauty is not defined by what she wears, but rather, what she does. As mothers of daughters, this is where we get our ammunition.

Our daughters are going to want to fit in without full regard as to what she will have to compromise to get there. Currently, it appears popular to show off as much skin as one can get away with. I have an obligation to get Little Flower to see how flawed that is.

We need to model ourselves as adorned with the deeds we perform, not the clothing we wear. We have to take physical action in this form. We cannot sit on the sidelines hoping the trend reverses by the time our daughters reach the age where they are buying their own clothing and choosing fashion for themselves.

We need to show them that our bodies are not for fleshly gratification. We need our daughters to know their worth, that their value far exceeds the satisfaction of their peers. They need to know that God is who they should be pursuing the delight of.

So, the next time you are buying clothing for yourself or daughter(s) think of the message you are sending. Instead, focus on what you really should be wearing –the deeds which you live your life by.

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