A Day in the Life of Me

Let’s just start with a good day. You know, a day that I didn’t have to lose my mind over breakfast actually being eaten. No yelling occurred in the process of putting shoes and coats on. I remained calm all the way through until they were dropped off at school. Not saying that it doesn’t usually go that way. Those are just a list of possible problem areas in our home.

It’s 9:15. The kids are at school. I need to get some housework done and so I think to myself…..

I’ll pee real quick and then get to it.

Hmm, the bathroom needs to get wiped down. I’ll start there.

Look at the floor. I really should sweep. Let me get the sweeping out of the way before I tackle the bathroom.

Look at sister’s room. I can’t sweep that. I really have got to do a better job getting her to clean up her room. Why is there a pull-up still in here?! How many times do I have to tell the same child to bring her pull-up downstairs and throw it away!? I’ll run it down real quick.

Ugh, the laundry. I really should gather up all of the darks and get a load started. Shoot. I never folded the load in the dryer. I’ll turn on the dryer and grab the laundry. Let me grab the hamper out of our room.

Look at the bed. When was the last time I washed the sheets? Was it last week? I’ll strip the bed and start with those before I wash darks.

As I am walking through the kitchen I should get the dishwasher loaded real quick. Crap, it needs to be unloaded from last night. I should probably wash off the counters before I unload the dishwasher. How do two people drip so much coffee? Let me just move the bread out of the way first.

Bread? Why is there bread? What is the date on that since I can’t remember the last time I bought any? I should throw it away and put it on the grocery list.

Maybe I’ll clean out the junk drawer after I grab the marker out? Oh, there’s my headphones! I really need to get back to working out. Maybe I’ll fit in a quick workout. I can just go use the elliptical in the basement. That makes sense. I’ll do that and then be able to fully focus on house cleaning.

The basement. Wow, the basement. Why do my children have so many toys?! No two children need this much stuff! That’s it, they are getting no toys for Christmas! None. Nada. Not happening. I’ll have to pick some of this up before I can deal with using the elliptical, but the rest they will be tackling after school!

Aww, look at the blocks that we still have. I miss them being so young. One day they are using big blocks and the next, it seems like you’re buying them Lego sets. I really should do a full basement clean out. I’ll start here. How did this get down here? It goes upstairs with the art supplies in the miniature kitchen. I’ll run it up there real quick.

The miniature kitchen has dust on it. I’ll bet the end tables and sidebar do as well. I’ll start with dusting then I can tackle everything else.

How does our dog manage to get his hair on every surface? If it’s on the end tables, I know the carpeting needs to be addressed. I’ll tackle vacuuming first…

“Oh, Hi honey! Your home already?!”

What happened to my day? How is it that I never sat down and got absolutely nothing actually accomplished?

It’s time to tackle homework, then dinner, then bedtime.

Wake and repeat.


Maybe you can relate? Maybe I need professional help.

(Well, actually, professional help is probably a good idea anyhow…!)

But, can you relate?


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