waitingWaiting on this road so long.

As the months roll on I wonder, “Is this where I belong?”

Waiting, the “two week wait” is here

Could it really be that pregnancy is near?

Waiting. Another month goes by

With silent tears within my soul I can’t help but wonder why.

Waiting, while pregnancies abound.

Except within my womb where only emptiness is found.

Waiting, my hope is fading fast.

I don’t know how much longer I have the strength to last.

Waiting, I see the end is here.

With dreams left unfulfilled, I grieve my deepest fear.

Waiting, God I don’t understand.

You say there is a purpose here in this barren land.

Waiting, I am longing now for peace.

When from this pain that grips me, will I finally find release?

Waiting, God only now I fully see.

It’s in waiting I am molded into who you need me to be.

Waiting, though a choice not mine to make,

I see the beauty in it, with each step I take.

Waiting, seeing God’s in full control.

Has left my faith increased in ways only I can know.

Waiting, the lessons learned profound.

Thank-you God for this path, this walk on sacred ground.

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