My relationship with God

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose.”

~Romans 8:28 (NIV)


My relationship with God is the topic for this week’s Monday’s Many Thanksgivings Series. I will start by saying that as a Christian, generally I am very thankful for the relationship that I have with God and the hope of Heaven someday. Although that is 100% true, that’s not the context of this post.

Imagine there is no God and place the struggles of humanity in that perspective. What does that leave us with? To me, our existence would be a very empty experience. There would be no reason behind pain. We would all be walking jointly through this period in time with no interconnectedness. Humans would be no more than animals surviving day by day.

Adding God back into the scenario suddenly gives depth to life. There are layers of usefulness behind our trials. We are all connected by a greater purpose that is unfolding. Although we cannot know specifically, we know that what we are experiencing will have an impact somewhere in the ultimate plan God has.

This is why specific to the road of being an infertile, adoptive family, I am grateful for the relationship I have with God. He owes me no answers as to why we walk this journey. But, I know there is reason behind it. The biblical promise of Romans 8:28 is at work. It’s “In all things”, not just in the happy, joyful occasions that God is working for our good. I do not fully understand why God has placed us on this path. Over the years, I have lost the need to. Knowing his sovereign control is at work brings me all the peace I need to continue on. And, for that relationship that gives me that peace, I am grateful!

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