Funny Fridays – Thanking God for Everything

14-9-12 035Truly, one of the most amazing blessings there is to motherhood is having the privilege of listening to your little one pray. Countless times, I have had tears well up in my eyes listening to the innocence of Turkey-Man’s prayers.

Well, last week tears of a different sort threatened to spill over while he said his bedtime prayer. Turkey-Man has a habit of thanking God for everything during his bedtime prayer. When, I say “everything”, it is not in the general sense. He lists out item by item of what he is thankful for. His dresser, the drawers, the handle on the drawers, his bed, his pillow, his monkey, his blanket… you get the idea. We let him go through this routine, knowing it is to some degree manipulation to stay up a little longer cuddling next to us while he prays, but at the same time we want to foster a sense of thankfulness for all of the blessings God has given us.

Last week, he added something in that caught me off guard. In the midst of thanking God for every significant part of his body he adds:

“And, thank-you for being able to pick my nose.”

Not once during the prayer. TWICE! 14-9-12 034

Seriously, how is a Mama supposed to hold her reverent composure at times like this?!

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