Adopting does not increase the chance of pregnancy

The Thursday’s Truth Series topic of the week is one of the many myths out there about infertility and adoption I have heard the most which is – “Watch, now that you’re adopting, you’ll get pregnant!”. Yes, even from people who seem to temporarily forget that I have had a hysterectomy. Let’s just say, that leaves an awkward moment when they realized what they just said and what my history is. Most of the time I let it slide, laughing as I say, “With God all things are possible, but that would be a miracle of biblical proportions.”

It seems as if everyone knows someone’s aunt’s cousin’s best friend’s sister’s co-worker’s niece who had this happen. Even I know of a family that this happened to.

But what are the facts? Here are some articles that address this very notion:


What about the stories of couples adopting and later becoming pregnant? Does fertility improve when you stop trying?


This is simply not true. Although, it is not completely unheard of for a woman to get pregnant after adopting the statistics do not show any improvement in fertility. The percentage of women getting pregnant after adopting is about 5 percent, which is the same as women who have infertility and do not adopt.

And from Resolve:

Myth: If you adopt a baby you’ll get pregnant!

Fact: This is one of the most painful myths for couples to hear. First it suggests that adoption is only a means to an end, not an happy and successful end in itself. Second, it is simply not true. Studies reveal that the rate for achieving pregnancy after adopting is the same as for those who do not adopt.

So, the next time someone drops a remark along the lines of getting pregnant after deciding to adopt, resist the urge to slap them. If you are in a generous mood, gently fill them in on the facts. Or, if you are like me, a sarcastic remark would do just as well. “Oh, yes, I heard about your aunt’s cousin’s best friend’s sister’s co-worker’s niece who had this happen! Six degrees of separation at work!”


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