“Thursday’s Transforming Truths”

I have decided to transform Thursdays! Well, at least my Thursdays, but hopefully yours too! Starting next week I am going to kick off the “Thursdays’s Transforming Truths” weekly blogging event!

Each Thursday the goal is simple.

  • Create a post describing different ways God is transforming your life.
  • Add the tag “Thursday’s Transforming Truths”
  • Send me a link to your blog either via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or commenting on my post for the day

At the end of the day, I will create centralized post with a listing of the blogs that participated in the event.

Although my blog generally focuses on infertility and adoption, these posts are open to any evidence of the Lord working in your life. So, invite your non-infertility/adoption blogging friends to join along! I hate the saying “The more, the merrier!” but, really, the more inspiring stories that we can surround ourselves with the merrier we will be!

If you don’t have a blog, you can always e-mail me the article and I can re-blog it as a guest blog. Want to start a blog simply to join the event? WordPress makes it easy enough that even I, a technologically challenged individual, was able to figure it out!

Throughout the week we are inundated with ways that Satan uses to distract us. Let’s take a day a week and flood the blogging world with proof of God at work! It doesn’t have to be a lengthy post. Even a scripture or song that stuck out in your mind during the week would be great!

Thursday's Transforming Truths

If you’d like you can even include this badge to broadcast your participation in the event. I hope you have fun and enjoy reading along!


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