11 Years!

11 years ago today I said “I do” to my best friend! In looking back at our wedding album (which I have never scanned to our computer – sorry no pictures!) I partially envy the couple I see. So very happy!

I would never really want to go back to that age as I am love where I am at in life now, but I do somewhat envy the innocence I see in that young couple.

The wedding planner commented for years that we were the smiley-ist couple she had ever worked with. I remember the day well and can easily say it was truly one of the happiest days of my life!

It may have been that I was never the little girl dreaming of my wedding day, so there was no standard in my head to work towards. All I cared about was that at the end of the day, I had a license in my hand saying I was legally married to my best friend.

It could also have been that the insanity leading up to our wedding day left me without much of a care if anything else went wrong. If I was married at the end of the day, that was good enough!

We bought our first house two months before our wedding. I had major surgery 5 weeks before our wedding. I was in the middle of changing jobs at the time and while I was on sick leave, my old position was filled in anticipation of me leaving.

Ten days before our wedding my hubby was let go from his job. The following day I received a phone call that they no longer had the funding for the new job I was going to be taking.

We were in the process of moving, I was recovering from major surgery and we were both now jobless!

By our wedding day, I had finished moving my stuff, I was fairly well healed up and we both had new jobs! Over and over I remember telling each other “If we can get through this, we will be able to get through anything!”

Sometimes I reflect on that statement and wonder if Satan went, “Oh, really? Let me throw infertility and a number of health issues your way. Then, I’ll add in an adoption loss and see where you end up!”

Gladly, I can say we have ended up with a beautiful family, a deeper faith and can honestly still say we are best friends! He is still my “True Companion.”

Happy anniversary! I love you honey-sweety-baby! (Try not to gag – it’s an inside family joke!)


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