The Randomness of Motherhood

I know that those of you who have not been blessed with children sometimes wonder what it will look like. This week’s edition of Funny Friday’s will celebrate the complete randomness that makes up motherhood! Yes, all of the pictures are from my experiences!

1) Things will never be in the right place.

Random 1

2) And, sometimes, it’s just best not to ask why.

Random 5

3) Children will sleep in strange places.

Random 2

4) And in strange positions.

Random 3

5) Even awake, you may find them in precarious places! (Remember to take a picture first and then help them!)

Random 6

6) Your pets will run and hide!

Random 4

7) Children will ask for strange rewards. (Who knew using the Swiffer would be a motivation during potty training!)

Random 12

8) You may have an astoundingly picky eater! (Yes, that is chocolate cake and no it is not laced with anything harmful despite his assertions!)

Random 9

9) There will be lots of crying!

Random 7

10) But, one kiss will make it all better!

Random 10

11) There is always lot’s of silliness!

Random 8

12) Strange songs that never leave your head!

But, most of all there will be lots and lots and lots of laughter and smiles!

Random 11


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