The Lucky Ones

It’s Thanksgiving here in the states, a day of the year that we set aside to express gratitude. President Abraham Lincoln declared it a national holiday with the intent to have a day we set aside to thank God for his benevolence. Wow, how far this country has fallen away from that very premise!

I worry greatly about the direction our country is headed. It seems it is becoming increasingly difficult for conservative Christians to hold onto their beliefs without social ramifications. My beliefs are often misconstrued to be hateful as opposed to speaking out of my love for God and my desire to hold onto the teachings of the Bible. I worry about the persecution my children will face at the hands of their classmates when they discuss the Bible.

I worry about the direction of the feminist movement. Although I see the positives that have risen out of this, I also see the negatives. At times, I feel like my right to place my professional career on hold while I stay at home to raise my children is disrespected. It seems if one chooses that route, they are judged to be less than one who chooses to balance both a career and family.

Despite this, I know we citizens of the USA are the lucky ones. The very same constitutional rights that allow others to challenge my beliefs are the same ones that allow me the ability to type these words.

When I posted my article about being thankful for the ability to have the Bible readily available for my use one of my readers pointed out that in some countries, it is illegal to own one.

I am not only free to own a bible, I am free to talk openly about Christ. I am able to blog about my religious beliefs without fear. This Sunday I will walk into my church and worship without concern about being arrested or even killed for my beliefs.

As a woman, I am free to choose if I want a career in addition to being a mother. I am free to choose any career I want to put my mind to. I am not looked upon as an object, but as a human being with equal rights with men. I know a lot of my sisters around the world do not have that luxury.

Today I will sit around the table surrounded by family, many of whom are women with professional careers, freely discussing religion, respected for my opinion even though I am a woman. Today I will put aside my concerns for the culture I live in. Today I will be thankful for this great nation. I will be thankful because I know we are the lucky ones.


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