Why I’ve Started to Root For the “Team Up North”

Today should be one of the most amazing days of the year, nearing if not surpassing most national holidays! It’s a day where the biggest rivalry in all of sports occurs – The OSU vs. the unmentionable “Team Up North!”

For my entire life, “The Game” was at minimum a two day event! Whether it was at school or at work, everyone showed up on Friday decked out in their school’s colors, competing for the “Best Dressed” award! Any good OSU household is making food preparations, which includes someone rolling peanut butter balls and dipping them in chocolate, making “Buckeyes” (Heavenly YUM!).

The day of the game is always a gathering of friends and family much like any major holiday. We all sit around the TV, enjoying tailgate-style foods, cheering, yelling and taunting anyone who dares to show up wearing anything except scarlet and grey!

A few years ago when the Team Up North lost to Appalachian State, we OSU fans got a good laugh and a season long ticket to torture any Team Up North Fan with memories of that game.

As the years have passed however, it’s become pathetic. It feels like a varsity team beating up on a junior high team. At first the wins were awesome, but it has started to loose its thrill. I mean really how many times can you rub it in that your competitor is terrible again this year before you begin to feel sorry for their fans.

It has resulted in something any good OSU fan would never think they would say… “Go Blue!” I feel dirty for even typing the words, like I need to somehow bleep them out. Of course, I would never, ever, ever, ever want to see them beat us, but it would be nice if they would beat anyone else.

It’s not much of a rivalry when “The Game” begins to feel more like another stepping stone to the Big 10 Championship game, something we need to get through instead of being the capstone game.

So, come on “Team Up North!” Step it up so I can go back to enjoying taunting your fans instead of pitying them! I look forward to doing that every season. It is what makes football season so much fun! Your ineptness is taking away from college football fans everywhere! Let’s Go! I’ve got some torturing I need to do!

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