Bouncing Back!

Yes, that is Turkey-man wearing his shirt around his waist and pants on his head. He has a strange sense of humor at times! You probably would not look at that picture and guess that twelve hours earlier he was laying limp and listless in the ER with concerns about appendicitis!

After a day of a fever and abdominal pain we finally made the decision to get it checked out. Throughout the day, I probably asked him ten or more times specifically about any other symptoms he had and he denied everything I asked except for the stomach pain. So it was quite a happy little surprise when we found out he had strep throat!

If I looked like he did on Tuesday night, I’d be down a week at least! Twelve hours was all he needed to be back to his usual antics. Most mornings I struggle to find the energy to enjoy his silliness, but that morning, I was very happy to see that little light back in his eyes! Crazy kid!



  1. Appendicitis is scary, so glad it wasn’t that! The photo made me laugh. Our son has taken to wearing socks on his hands around the house every night lately. Why? Good question considering he steadfastly refuses to keep mittens on outside unless it is eyeball-freezing cold. Creative couture at its toddler/preschool finest!

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