It’s The Little Things

As of today, another year has passed me by! It never fails to amaze me that although the number I have to put down next to my age has increased; I remain the same 18 year old in my mind. (Of course until I try some athletic feat that I was capable of at 18 -then I feel about 100!)

With age though, I have come to learn that the biggest gifts come in the smallest moments. Unknowingly, Turkey-Man gave me an amazing birthday gift this week. He wrote his name on his own for the first time. Both Hubby and I had tears.

Maybe all parents experience this sense of awe over the littlest things in life. I will never know. We spent far too many years wondering if we would ever experience these moments. Yes, when you struggle through infertility you dream about the big things like Christmas morning, but in between, all of the day-to-day accomplishments seep into your thoughts -their first word, their laugh, hearing them say your name…

I don’t know if I ever specifically dreamed of the day I would see them write their name for the first time, but it was that sense of “years of wondering” that struck me while I watched him do it.

What a privilege I have in watching this little boy grow! Turkey-man, thank-you for your gift this week!

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