First World “Problems”

Last night as hubby and I were discussing a decision we need to make, we were struck by the first world nature of the dilemma we faced. Here we were fretting about something that many would give anything to have such a frivolous “problem” where there really is no downside to the choices.

In reflecting over the past couple of weeks, we have been faced with several “First World Problems” that many cannot even fathom. For Monday’s Many Thanksgivings, I want to express gratitude for the difficulties that have highlighted how fortunate we really are.

As I mentioned on a couple of Fridays ago, we had to take Turkey-man to the ER amid concerns about appendicitis. The list of “problems” we have faced with a sick child are almost laughable in comparison to what most of the world deals with.

  • I was pulled out of my TRX Suspension Training class to pick Turkey-man up from preschool because he was sick. Only in the First World do we torture ourselves in the name of fitness! With no heavy labor to complete, I have the extra time and energy on my hands to keep myself fit.
  • Do I call my mom or sister, both of whom are Nurse Practitioners or do I call one of my brothers who are physicians? Only in the First World is higher education so plentiful that we have numerous avenues of obtaining advice.
  • Which ER do we take him to? We have a multitude of hospitals within a 20 minute radius, two of which include pediatric facilities.
  • Which of our three sets of parents can take Little-Flower? We have an abundance of family readily available to step in and help.
  • Once we found out it was strep throat, we had to figure out where to get the script for the antibiotic filled at. The options are almost limitless, with a pharmacy on every corner, some even open for 24 hours so we were able to get him started on them that night when we got home.
  • My next big decision was whether to send him back to school after 36 hours of antibiotics or do I keep him home another day.
  • Consequently, I have also “suffered” with children not napping as well, making my downtime during the day nearly obsolete. Ha! How many people work from the time the sun rises until it sets just trying to provide for their family?! How long did I yearn for “problem” of children not napping, because that meant I was finally able to be a mother?!

In the mix of all of this, I have been struggling though not having internet access at home. What a horrible thing to face! I have to go to a coffee shop to upload my posts. Tragic, I know!

So many do not have any of the luxuries I have listed above. When their child comes down with strep throat they are left with only a prayer that their child will not have any complications. I can easily access the means to prevent complications with the support of a wide band of family and friends. And internet problems – many do not have running water in their homes let alone a computer and time to sit a write during the day!

The frustrations, dilemmas and decisions I have faced in the past couple of weeks are so inconsequential that I am almost ashamed to admit the stress they have caused. In reflecting, I am so incredibly fortunate!

Off to face my next dilemma –How many layers of clothes should I wear to go running? Not that I have anywhere to run to. I am simply planning to run laps around my neighborhood to burn off the “frustrations” with the “problems” I face on a daily basis. Pathetic, I know!

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