“Baby Jesus”

baby JesusThere are days that I am amazed at Turkey-man’s ability to use humor to get out of trouble! He has an uncanny ability to get me smiling before I can even begin to start disciplining him.

We have been struggling with nap time over the past couple of weeks. He does not seem to think he needs one, but his behavior by evening demonstrates that his little body thinks otherwise.

The other day I heard him upstairs playing instead of napping. Up the steps I go to herd him back into bed. I walk in and he has created a hammock by pulling his sheet between his bed and the recliner. As you can see in the image, he has sweetly laid his monkey on a pillow and covered him up.

Before I could even begin to reinforce the need to take a nap, he looks up at me and says “Look Mama! It’s Baby Jesus!”

How do I discipline him for that?! And, it is sort of hard to make him climb back into bed when he has used his covers to take care of “Baby Jesus.” Nap time came to an abrupt end, but my heart was left smiling at this kind, sweet boy that I get to call my son!

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