Our Heavenly Family

The day started as a typical shift in the ER, busy and a bit chaotic. The ambulance phone rang; a rig was calling to let us know they were coming in with a gentleman that was in cardiac arrest. As a nurse, this was something I loved. The challenge and the adrenalin rush were two of the main reasons I had chosen the position.

After working on the patient for some time, it became clear that this was not a battle we were going to win. Time of death was called and the unenviable task of working with a grieving family began. As I was doing the documentation, I noticed on his chart that under religion, it listed that he was a member of a congregation that is a sister to the one I attend.

I cautiously entered the room and sat down with them. I was not sure how the family would feel about me addressing them on a spiritual level, but it was something that I felt propelled to do. I explained the situation and the mood in the room changed immediately, as they recognized me as a sister in Christ, not just another nurse.

They embraced me and began to openly discuss their relief that the gentleman was no longer suffering. He had received his reward and was now enjoying salvation in the presence of our Father. There were tears of sadness, but rejoicing as well. In realizing that I was a sister in Christ, they knew I would understand their mixed emotions.

It was a night that I will never forget. I walked out of the ER at the end of my shift, knowing that God had placed me in that situation. I saw His hand at work.

Growing up as a Christian, I have long since embraced the comfort of being in the presence of other Christians. So many times simply being in the midst of brothers and sisters in Christ has been that little morsel to remind me that there is so much more than this Earthly existence. It helps me to refocus my energy and let go of the things that really do not matter. It’s like suddenly breathing in fresh air when you feel like you’re suffocating.

Throughout this journey, even before having kids, I have been able to see the little times where God has provided these experiences for me. Sometimes it was just as simple as picking up a phone call from a patient only to have it be a member of our church on the other end of the line.

As I have gotten older, I find myself craving these encounters. As I struggled with my health through this journey I can remember one of the times I was in the hospital asking my husband if he could call our minister to see if he could visit. I longed for the presence of another Christian who would be able to remind me that there is so much more to life than the suffering that I was enduring.

For this week’s Monday’s Many Thanksgivings I want to express my gratitude that God provides these relationships in our life. They are the little reminders of our future in Heaven when we will only be surrounded by our brothers and sisters in Christ. What an awesome “family” reunion that will be!

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