libraryI was going to title this post “Adventures in Naptime” but we have those with such frequency that I figured I would need to be more specific.

Yes, that picture was my discovery yesterday when I went to let Turkey-Man know that naptime was over and he could come back downstairs. Needless to say he was already awake.

Some of me gets frustrated with the lack of napping because the “Turkey” part of his nickname derives from his demeanor when he is tired. I know by evening we are going to have our hands full with an overly tired little man and at about nine at night I will be upstairs doing my best to soothe the night terrors he gets when he does not nap.

On the other hand, I am impressed by his creativity! (And, stealth in doing this without Mama hearing him!) Why not take all of the books in your room and arrange them into a library?

On days like this I am left with a quandary.  Do I express the frustration in the lack of nap or how impressed I am with his little mind? Either way he always seems to escape punishment while I am wondering how to respond. I am pretty sure he secretly knows this! “If I make Mama smile in doing something I am not supposed to be doing then she is less likely to enforce the rules.” Smart, crazy little boy!

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