The Tales of a Tattle-Tale

To all who have lived with small children- Help! I am pooling my resources and hoping to come up with a solution. Otherwise, Turkey-Man is going to drive me crazy (or at least crazier than I already am!).

It might be a small exaggeration to say that Turkey-Man informs me if Little-Flower so much as blinks one extra time per minute, but I really would not be overstating it by much. I get a minute-by-minute update on all of the things that Turkey-Man feels Little-Flower is doing wrong which includes things like touching a toy of his that he is not playing with nor is unsafe for her to use. It is grating on my nerves!

Here is the problem: my attitude is pretty much “Is she drinking bleach? Playing with explosives? Downing a bottle of pills? No? Well, then we have no problem.” He wants the world rigidly defined with black-and-white right and wrong.

My typical response is “Is she hurting anything?” The answer to which is invariably “No.” So my question gets followed up with “So, what is the problem with what she is doing?” Often he has no response.

One would think he would eventually pick up on the pattern that he does not need to come tell me if nothing is being hurt and there is no problem, but truly in less than five minutes he is right back with the next perceived offense.

This has to stop! I cannot get anything done because life is just constant refereeing. For those of you who have dealt with small children, have you found anything that works in getting out of the tattle-tale phase? Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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