Turkey-Man’s Surgery

(If you have a moment this morning would you say a prayer that Turkey-Man’s surgery goes smoothly, the outcome is good and his recovery is quick. Thank-you!)

Turkey-Man’s Surgery From Little-Flower’s Perspective

So, let me get this straight. I get to have a sleep-over at Mimi’s and spend the day playing with her. Meanwhile, you have to get a “shot” and they are going to cut your tonsils out of the back of your throat. While I am having fun with Mimi, you will be waking up in pain. Score: Little-Flower-1; Turkey-Man-0.

I have heard Mama’s promises of unlimited movies. You do realize what that means, right? I get a free pass on watching all of those movies with you. I get to feel perfectly healthy and enjoy a continuous stream of TV. Score: Little Flower-2; Turkey-Man-0.

You also understand that the limitless ice cream and popsicles also applies to me. Given that I have perfected the art of screaming until I puke, Mama is more likely to give into my demands for the same treats that you are receiving. So, while you are eating these out of necessity, experiencing pain with each bite, I will be very comfortably enjoying my sugar high. Score: Little-Flower-3; Turkey-Man-0.

I do feel a little bad for you. I am a nurturer by nature so I will be showering you in as many hugs as possible regardless of whether you want me touching you or not. I just really, really, really love you or something like that! (In reality I more like to torture you in the name of love, but that’s a whole different subject!)

Truly, I do need you to get better soon! We have to be back to our Mama-Torturing tactics quickly. I can hold my own for a while, but it’s such a good sibling bonding experience!

While you are healing I plan to be difficult enough for the two of us! After all, with all of the attention you will be getting, I will have no problem acting out on my jealousy! Expect me to pull out the fake crying card every moment Mama is soothing your tears. You cry. I fake cry. You cry more because I am getting attention for my fake crying… That’s such a fun little game!

I love you and hope you feel better soon!


    • Surgery itself went well and we got promising news. Still need to await the pathology report to know if we are fully in the clear. What he had going on can be a sign of lymphoma. We ended up back in the hospital due to the stomach flu. We’ll be here until he is willing to drink something. Thanks!

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