Dear Little-Flower,

I guess I have neglected to point out to you that having an older brother means I have been around this toddler block once before. Your tricks are not so tricky, especially when it comes to refusing to eat. Turkey-Man was a horrendous eater at your age. I am wise to any food refusal games. Your attempts will not phase me.

Exclaiming “Yay!” and holding up a plate that was emptied a bit too quickly when my back was turned only raises suspicions. For a moment I almost believed you. Empty plate, no food on the floor or alongside you in the booster seat. It looked good!

Then, I saw you shifting oddly in your seat. Did you really believe I would not see that you shoved your entire dinner under your butt when I let you down from the table?! Come one! Give me a little credit!

You’ll need to review with Turkey-Man the tactics that he tried and then get creative if you want to get out of meals!

Love you!

Wise Mama

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