Kid Tested, NOT Mother Approved!

Today’s funny moment of the week that left me a bit speechless is brought to you by a certain son of ours that still seems to not understand what constitutes disgusting!

Little-Flower was eating a gummy bear while attempting to pee in the toilet. She was being silly and the bear fell out of her mouth and into the toilet. She never ended up peeing and after a fairly lengthy conversation about why she could not eat that gummy bear, I forgot to flush the toilet.

A couple of hours later, Turkey-Man runs up to me and we have this little exchange:

TM: Mommy, the gummy bear is sticky!

M: Did you flush the toilet and it didn’t go down?

TM: No, I touched it!

M:­­­­ …… (Insert slightly disgusted, slightly stunned look)

M: Did you really reach into the toilet water and touch the gummy bear at the bottom?

T: Yeah! It’s sticky!

M:  ….. (Insert disgusted and stunned face)

Unfortunately, it is frowned upon to wash your child’s hands with straight bleach, so soap it was, along with yet another conversation about what is appropriate to do in regards to the toilet!

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