Boys Vs. Girls: Potty Training Special

As we are in the process of potty training Little-Flower, the natural attributes of boys versus girls is readily apparent yet again. Turkey-Man’s hyperactive, rough and tumble personality brought its own potty training struggles. Now we are dealing with girl drama.

Turkey-Man was pretty much willing to pee whenever and wherever. It was easy to get him to stop peeing in his diaper. We just had to get him to understand that pee went in the toilet. It often seemed like I couldn’t believe I would have to explain yet another time that pee only goes in one spot. We do not pee on floors or in toys, nor do we stand at the toilet and pee into the bathtub, or any other assorted ideas he came up with.

Now we have Little-Flower who has always laid the drama on quite thickly. Potty training has been no exception. One would think I beat her when she has an accident by the way she reacts. She has a total meltdown. Over and over I find myself reassuring her that accidents are okay, with little success of actually calming her down.

Today, the timer went off to indicate it was time to use the bathroom again. She walked in and laid face-down on the floor. I encouraged her to get up and pee. She responded by telling me “I want to die.”

Really? I have no idea where she got that expression from because it is not one used around our house. And, I am pretty sure she does not have a solid grasp on what she was actually saying.

But, really, could you get much more dramatic than laying face first on the ground telling your mother that you want to die when she suggests that you pee on the toilet?

Can I go back to having a child peeing anywhere and everywhere that crosses his mind because that seemed much easier than dealing with the theatrical version we have now!

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