Love At First Sight

So, at what age does boy craziness begin? Two seems like it is a bit on the young side. Little-Flower has always seemed to shrug off any expectations about what a typical child at such and such age should be doing. I should not be surprised she has found yet another thing that leaves me shaking my head!

She has always been a bit of a daddy’s girl. When she was around a year old, I was doing her bedtime routine until it consistently involved her crying until daddy came in. Then she would settle down and go to sleep. Nowadays her big thing is showing daddy her outfit. If I put a dress on her, the first thing she does is run to daddy so he can see what she is wearing. I assumed her desire for male attention was limited to her relationship with her daddy.

But, over the weekend we were at a restaurant eating when this little exchange occurred:

LF- See that boy ober tere?

M: Yeah, I see him

LF- He wooked at me. He wuvs me!

M:  ………. (shaking my head)

Ah, yes. Love at first sight –toddler version! We are in so much trouble!

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