Twelve Years

Twelve years ago today was one of the most important days of my life. I said “I do!” to my best friend. When I think back, two main things stick out in my memory of that day- being immensely happy and feeling invincible.

Our wedding planner told me a number of times that I was the “smiliest” bride she had ever worked with. I had no anxiety about walking down that aisle. We planned our wedding in under four months. We only had to wait that long because it was the first time we could get all of our wedding party free on the same day. I did not care about decorations or dresses or even if the cake fell over. I knew at the end of the day, no matter what, I was going to be the wife to my best friend.

Standing together, saying our vows, I felt like with hubby by my side, we could conquer anything. We were thrown a few curveballs during our engagement and navigated them with ease. We felt unstoppable.

I had no idea where our life together would take us. Certainly, the path we found ourselves on was not one we would have chosen. Our marriage has weathered some very difficult circumstances. But, twelve years later, I still cannot imagine a better man to walk alongside.

He remains my best friend. He showers my life with optimism and laughs. He is my stability when it feels like life is spinning out of control. And, now, I get to watch him be the father to our children. Every day, I get to watch him give our children so much of what he has brought to my life.

I would not have picked this journey for our lives, but in looking back over the past twelve years, we have been blessed so many times. I am thankful for the trials that have made us stronger as a couple and as human beings. I see my life now and am amazed that I get to live it- two children and the man that I love still by my side!

Happy anniversary, hubby! You always have been and continue to be “My True Companion!”

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