Keep The Prayers Coming!

Turkey-Man had a relatively uneventful removal of his tonsils and adenoids yesterday (minus a scary, croup-like episode in the post-op area. So thankful the doctor and nurses were right there!). For the first 12 hours he was doing great! We had to remind him several times about the limit of no running or jumping!

He woke up vomiting at 1030 last night which continued despite medication. It has been decided that he has the stomach flu and was admitted to the hospital. 

While the vomiting has gotten better the other end of the spectrum seems to be getting worse instead of better. He is finally resting after being up nearly all night. Until he is willing to drink fluids we will have to stay for IV hydration. Given the surgery yesterday he is adamantly refusing all attempts to get fluids in him orally. 

He looks so pathetic! I can only imagine how much the vomiting had to hurt his throat! He’s been a trooper! Still smiling despite surgery, stomach flu and very little sleep over the past 24 hours!

Thank-you in advance for the prayers!


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