The Phone Booth

Oh how I wish I had the power to transform into a superhero that could heal Turkey-Man while I am sneaking away to talk on the phone in there. And, by sneaking away I really mean ducking into the child size bathroom 3 feet from where Turkey-Man lays to talk on the phone, praying that it does not wake him up. 

We are in for another night in the hospital waiting for his stomach to calm down and his throat to heal enough that he is willing to start drinking fluids. He is pretty miserable. We went through about an hour today where he refused to even swallow his saliva. 

I have learned that a quite sick 4 year reverts to the logic of his two year old self with Incredible Hulk strength. He is refusing to drink apple juice. He only likes the green Capri Sun at home which is… 100% pure Apple juice. He will eat the Orange jello at home, but refuses to touch the stuff here. 

Getting medication into my usually slightly too eager to take medication child has at times required two of us to hold him down and squirt it in his mouth. Unlike the peanut Little-Flower is, Turkey-Man is above the 95th percentile in length, with a wirey build. Pinning down arms and legs, holding his head still and forcing medication down his throat has been no small feat!

I hate that we have to do that. I know he doesn’t understand that the medication helps him. He only knows it hurts to swallow it. 

Praying that tomorrow brings a better stomach and less pain. Thank-you all for your thoughts and prayers!


  1. When I’ve been in the hospital, the nurses have stored a small amount of food in the floor fridge for me. Might this be an option so he can have his preferred brand of drinks/jello?

    When I had my tonsils out, I didn’t want to swallow my saliva either. Ouch! I hope he gets to feeling better and can go home soon.


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